Who are we? what makes us unique? and
why would you invest your money in us?


All trainers at Kevin Guthrie Emotional well-being have a deep understanding of therapeutic processes. We do the work because we love working with people and seeing them grow.


“Many have asked what makes us different from other training and education providers after 20 years experience delivering in the public sector we decided that we had, what we felt the best formula for learning. We believe that in order to learn you have to ‘feel’ what is being delivered, whilst backing this up with factual information and real-life data, for us the perfect learning combination. All too often people spend hours in learning environments and come away learning only a fraction of what was possible, or what they did learn was quickly forgotten. At Kevin Guthrie EW, our learning style is second to none and always led by the learner, whatever their age”

– Kevin Guthrie


The investment you make in our service will save you money!

Do you know how much money you lose every year through stress, anxiety, and lack of motivation?
Stress and anxiety alone cost the UK business market almost three billion pounds.
How much of that loss belongs to your company? Investment in your team is an investment in your business.

If you have read this far, you are reading for a reason, not just because our website is captivating.

Call us, tell us what you are experiencing, and let us together work out a way forward to getting your business where it belongs, happy, healthy and profitable.