At MindCoaching Solutions we take great pride in delivering services that are bespoke to you and your business.

The options can consist of workshops with up to 20 people, conference type settings, or more intimate settings. The more intimate settings will have the stronger influence on the people involved.


We can also train key members of your team to be mental first aiders. Their role would be to be aware of any behaviour that might suggest someone is not in a great place mentally.

We can deliver new ways of working with the mind.
We do this in the hope that the participants will hear some of what we are delivering and learn new ways of managing stress and anxiety. Our preferred way is to make our sessions interactive.
We have a strong belief that in order to remember what you learn you have to feel it.

At MindCoaching Solutions we are experts in the delivery of training in the fields of stress, anxiety and motivation. We provide consultancy, support and staff training to groups, agencies and organisations.


Drawing on experience and knowledge gained over 15 years and working within the Department of Health’s recommended standards for training, our innovative and accessible courses promote a holistic understanding of ”matters of the mind” – whilst providing pragmatic, bespoke guidance and information to address real work and life issues.

We regularly monitor and evaluate our training courses to ensure that we continue to meet our high standards to deliver market-leading training.

Contact us if you need any further information.