There are two main reasons we do what we do, the first is because our passion is to see people away from any kind of conflict, happy and enjoying life.
The second reason is because we know by achieving the above we can make your business, the business you are passionate about, more successful than it currently is.
Our passion and yours teamed up, make for a winning combination.

We don’t get taught how to deal with conflict, stress and anxiety at school and unless our primary care givers were given this type of education by their primary care gives or from school, they don’t know how to give it to us.

We often bumble through life coping, thinking it will go away, and thinking that if we ignore the emotions we are feeling that they will vanish.

They don’t. They sit quietly until we have so much unprocessed emotion that we begin to falter, imagine now a PC that has too many pages open…..
We can recognise if we get to this point because some of the following may happen:

We become more emotional
We begin to forget things
We become snappy
Mood is low
Anxiety is high, we develop more nerves than usual
We become tired with low energy
Our mood doesn’t really match our good fortune
We struggle to see positives

So as a business owner or HR director you may read the list above, and some have said this to us, “Why is that out problem?” We understand why you might say this, the truth is, if your staff are struggling, then it is going to affect their work. As much as you might want to say, “leave your troubles at home”, sometimes it is near impossible. We may also want to consider some of those more personal problems may be exacerbated by work. Deadlines at work and staff dynamics, this is where it fully becomes your problem. Motivation may drop, stress may increase both resulting in low work output, or work output that is not to standard.

We would love to think at work we can become robots, truth is, we can’t, we are human beings with feelings.

When you invest in your team, you invest in your business.